At Dr. Miller’s Family Tree Medical Center, your health and healing are based on your needs, not what an insurance company deems appropriate. Dr. Miller, ND, practices traditional family medicine and specializes in endocrinology (hormones) and gastroenterology (gut issues). She integrates the latest medical knowledge and technology to assure that you receive the most advanced and individualized health care possible.

Dr. Miller ensures all patients receive a comprehensive holistic assessment and accurate diagnosis through extensive history taking, a thorough physical exam, and appropriate testing. She works with people of all ages throughout the Bay Area and beyond to help them restore their natural state of health and well being by identifying and removing the cause or causes of disease. The most effective and least invasive or toxic treatments are used to support the mind and body’s ability to heal itself. In addition, Dr. Miller provides wellness education to promote informed healthcare choices.

Dr. Miller will listen to and work with you to achieve your health goals. Call (415) 785-3347 to schedule a complimentary consult with Dr. Miller and join our family today.